Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stocking Stuffers : Part One

I think I enjoy opening my stocking at Christmas just as much as the rest of the presents. Mom always has it full of my favorite little things. There's always a little box of Whoppers and some Chapstick and some other knick knacks. Michael always gets a bag of his favorite, Maple Nut Goodies.
So with that in mind I'm going to start posting on Stocking Stuffers - when I find them really cheap or when I have an idea for a small gift to make.

So this is a late post, but here goes:
Today at Walgreens you can buy Altoids 2/$2 with the coupon in this weeks sale paper. Every box had $1 off coupons stuck to them at the two Walgreens here. Yep, that makes them free. (There's a limit of 4 on the store coupon).

I start Christmas shopping the day after Christmas, so I have a box started with small items that I have found on sale or clearance throughout this year. This is where the Altoids are going. I plan to make 5 totes for the boys' teachers and fill them with this type of goody. As I put away things for them I will post it here to give you some ideas for your Christmas gifts.

I'm Moving My Money Saving Info Here

I'm moving my money saving activity to this blog and saving the family blog for just family info.