Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stocking Stuffers : Part One

I think I enjoy opening my stocking at Christmas just as much as the rest of the presents. Mom always has it full of my favorite little things. There's always a little box of Whoppers and some Chapstick and some other knick knacks. Michael always gets a bag of his favorite, Maple Nut Goodies.
So with that in mind I'm going to start posting on Stocking Stuffers - when I find them really cheap or when I have an idea for a small gift to make.

So this is a late post, but here goes:
Today at Walgreens you can buy Altoids 2/$2 with the coupon in this weeks sale paper. Every box had $1 off coupons stuck to them at the two Walgreens here. Yep, that makes them free. (There's a limit of 4 on the store coupon).

I start Christmas shopping the day after Christmas, so I have a box started with small items that I have found on sale or clearance throughout this year. This is where the Altoids are going. I plan to make 5 totes for the boys' teachers and fill them with this type of goody. As I put away things for them I will post it here to give you some ideas for your Christmas gifts.

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