Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coupon Bag

I've spent a few days planning this bag out in my mind, a few hours on paper and a few more hours putting it together. But here it is. This is my very own design. If there is another out there, I haven't seen it anyhow.

So who's gonna look stylish at the store now? Me and my one of a kind coupon bag.

I'm so happy.

The fabric is by Chez Moi - Moda. I fell in love with it at the quilting store.


Melinda said...

I LOVE your coupon bag! You should serioulsy sell the pattern (hint, hint). I could probably sew one but could never design one. Looks great!

By the way I followed you over from your comment on Money Saving Mom.

coupongeek said...

I'm with Melinda...I LOVE your coupon bag! Who says you can't style while couponing? Was it very hard to make? I can't sew to save myself but my sister is really good. I'd pay for a pattern, too! :)

coupongeek said...

Another thought...this might make a great giveaway gift. You can post on Moneysavingmom (usually on Tuesdays?) and get your blog exposed a little.

And if you do...sign me up right away! :)

Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst said...

WOW! That is certainly the most unique coupon system I have ever seen! Very stylish indeed. You should definitely host a giveaway or sell them on Etsy.

I am so impressed! Thanks so much for including me on your bloglist.



Jenn said...

This bag is INCREDIBLE! I love are so creative! I'm with the others ... you should make this a giveaway! You can post it at Money Saving Mom and get great exposure...and you can email Centsible Sawyer and she may feature it as well...and you could email Amy at MomAdvice and she may put it in her Notebook Experiments!

Thanks for putting my blog in your bloglist as well!!

Storm said...

oh I love this! I agree with coupongeek and everyone else, you need to do a giveaway with one! Maybe during the big bloggy giveaway carnival coming up at the end of the month? :)

Mandy said...

too cute! that fabric is just great!