Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to get started with CVS

I've really been happy with all my experiences at CVS since I've started shopping there. Nothing like the Walgreens where they treat you terrible if you are holding coupons. So I thought you might want to find out how you can get started without putting out a lot of up front cash.
First read MoneySavingMom's CVS 101 post.
Then check out Alyssa's (from Keeping the Kingdom First) CVS Challenge. The challenge is to spend only $5 out of pocket and see if you can end up with that amount in Extra Care Bucks to spend the next week. I check this out every week.
I had a really good week at CVS this week! Today I left the store with a bag of Glad nightlights, refills and $1 more than I went in with! They really know how to make me happy....

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