Monday, November 24, 2008

Passing the Blessing

Our church was holding a food drive for the Baptist Children's Homes of NC. My boys were supposed to take food to their AWANAs meeting last night. My youngest went through our pantry to pick out food to pass along to the "poor children". He gave a box of his cereal (Trix) and the last box of his favorite PopTarts along with the canned vegetables I helped select. So my husband and I dropped off the boys with their food and headed out to do some quick Christmas shopping and grab some supper. After using all of our time at WalMart we rushed to Arby's and ordered in the drive thru. (I whined the entire time about how much it cost) At the window the young teenager said "Merry Christmas, it's free! Our registers are all down and dinner's on us. Just don't go tell everyone." Do you see the pattern here? We gave and in return we recieved. Just a mini lesson in how we can pass along our blessings and how we will be blessed in return. (Although not always so obvious).

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sober white women said...

yes, we do the same, and get the same.