Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My favorite (easy) holiday cookie

Saturday morning is candy shopping time - All the Halloween candy will be clearanced and this is a great time to get some generic candy for the next holiday. Here's how I love to use little Milky Ways! (That I bought yesterday at CVS for $1 a bag)

The Peanut Butter Milky Way Cookie!!!!!

Oh how I love this cookie. Most people have never had it, yet it is one of the best cookies in the world!
Here's the recipe - are you ready?
One package of peanut butter cookie dough
One package of Milky Ways
Cut the Milky Ways into 1/2 inch size pieces
Wrap the candy with enough cookie dough to cover all sides.
Cook according to package directions.
The only hard part is letting them cool! (Which you want to do for a couple minutes before you remove them from the pan)


Terri said...

Those sound so good!

Thanks for sharing


Amy said...

That sounds heavenly and so very easy (which is my favorite part)! I will definitely be trying these this year! Thanks for the great recipe!

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