Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Stocking Stuffers" Part 2

Ok, this is not really a stocking stuffer per se.

Today Jacob brought home his Scholastic order forms from preschool. I always buy books from Scholastic because they are cheaper and because the classroom recieves books because of my purchase. I always buy the $1 book located on the cover page. Today it occured to me that this is the perfect classroom gift! Every year I buy candy and pencils for Josh's classmates and end up spending about $1 each on the kids. This year I plan to buy a copy of the $1 book from the October flier for each child. Why not consider doing the same for your child's classmates?

Here's a couple reasons why:

1. It's cheap

2. Books last longer than candy

3. The classroom will earn additional books because of your purchase

4. There are children in your child's class who do not own a single book. We assume because we provide for our children that other parents do as well. But it is simply not true. Make a child's day and give them their first book.

Happy giving!


Jenn said...

This is such a GREAT idea! I am such a proponent of books for kids...and you are right...many, MANY kids don't own a singe book!

Storm said...

I love this idea!

It bothers me that there's so many kids in this country alone that don't have books, or have never even seen the inside of a non-school library. :(

Debbie said...

What a great point. My son got one of those $1 books at an event and to this day (he's had it for over a year already) it's one of our most read books. Even though he's two, and it's a paperback, it's still in perfect shape (which is more than what I can say for most of his other books!) : )

I like your site. I just linked over from coupongeek and am having fun poking around. : )