Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Walgreens Update

I went in to our local Walgreens on Monday and was surprised to find out that they are treating customers with coupons suspiciously. According to the Manager (who reviewed each coupon I had with due diligence) Walgreens sent out an email on Friday that warned that they were having problems with coupon scammers. Unfortunately the clerk at the front was confused and thought I could only use one coupon for anything. The manager explained that we can still use the Walgreen coupon with the Manufactured coupon. They are especially watching for buy one get one free coupons and transactions with buy one get one free. Also they refused to let me use more than one Register Reward. The manager said I should split my transactions up so I could use more than one.
Anyway - I didn't like being treated like a criminal - even though they accepted every coupon I had (with the exception of the Reg. Rewards).
So if you were planning to use buy one get one free coupons at Walgreens, just be sure you're not using more than one coupon for the two items.

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